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ONTAP tools for VMware vSphere 9.13

Considerations for creating and editing storage capability profiles

Contributors Netapp-shabaana

Following are the considerations for creating and editing storage capability profiles.

  • You can configure Min IOPS only on AFF systems.

  • You can configure QoS metrics at a virtual volume (VVol) datastore level.

    This capability provides greater flexibility in assigning varied QoS metrics for different VMDKs of the same virtual machine that is provisioned on a virtual datastore.

  • You can configure storage capability profiles for Flash Array Hybrid, ASA, and AFF datastores.

    For Flash Array Hybrid systems, ASA and AFF systems, you can configure space reserve to be either thick or thin.

  • You can use storage capability profiles to provide encryption for your datastores.

  • You cannot modify existing storage capability profiles (created prior to 7.2 version) after upgrading from an earlier version of the ONTAP tools for VMware vSphere to the latest version of the ONTAP tools.

    The legacy storage capability profiles are retained for backward compatibility. If the default templates are not in use, then during the upgrade to the latest version of the ONTAP tools, the existing templates are overridden to reflect the new QoS metrics related to the performance of the storage capability profiles.

  • You cannot modify or use the legacy storage capability profiles to provision new virtual datastores or VM storage policies.