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ONTAP tools for VMware vSphere 9.13

Add storage systems

Contributors Netapp-shabaana

You can manually add storage system to ONTAP tools.

Note If ONTAP cluster is SAML enabled, communication with ONTAP is done with basic authentication.

About this task

Each time you start ONTAP tools or select the REDISCOVER All option, ONTAP tools automatically discovers the available storage systems.

Note vVol datastores are not supported on direct SVM.


  1. Add a storage system to ONTAP tools by using either one of the options in the ONTAP tools home page:

    • Click Storage Systems > Add. or

    • Click Overview > Getting Started, and then click ADD button under Add Storage System.

  2. In the Add Storage System dialog box, enter the management IP address and credentials for that storage system.

    When you add a storage system any communication between ONTAP tools plug-in and the storage system should be mutually authenticated.

    You can also add storage systems using the IPv6 address of the cluster or SVM.

    When you add storage from the ONTAP tools Storage System page, specify the vCenter Server instance where the storage is located. The Add Storage System dialog box provides a drop-down list of the available vCenter Server instances. ONTAP tools does not display this option if you are adding storage to a datacenter that is already associated with a vCenter Server instance.


    • From ONTAP tools 9.12 release onwards all ONTAP storage systems communication happens through certificate based authentication.

    • The traditional datastore actions like Delete, Resize, and Mount are not allowed when either of the client or cluster certificate is not valid.

    • The vVol datastore actions like Expand Storage, Mount datastore are not allowed when either of the client or cluster certificate is not valid.

    • Actions like Delete, Remove Storage, and Edit Properties are allowed as these actions does not require ONTAP communication.

    • To add storage system with SVM scoped user, the storage system cluster admin has to edit the user and add authentication method Certificate to the Applications HTTP and ONTAPI.

      In the advanced options, there are two ways to upload the ONTAP Cluster Certificate:

      1. Automatically fetch - Automatically fetches the certificates.

      2. Manually upload - You need to manually browse to the location where the certificate is located and upload the certificate.

  3. Click OK after you have added all of the required information.

    Authorize Cluster Certificate pop-up appears.

  4. Click on Show certificate to view the certificate details. Click Yes to add the storage system