Unregister SnapCenter Plug-in for VMware vSphere from vCenter


If you stop the SnapCenter VMware plug-in service in a vCenter that is in Linked Mode, resource groups are not available in all the linked vCenters, even when the SnapCenter VMware plug-in service is running in the other linked vCenters.

You must unregister the SnapCenter VMware plug-in extensions manually.

  1. On the linked vCenter that has the SnapCenter VMware plug-in service stopped, navigate to the Managed Object Reference (MOB) manager.

  2. In the Properties option, select content in the Value column, then in the next screen select ExtensionManager in the Value column to display a list of the registered extensions.

  3. Unregister the extensions com.netapp.scvm.webclient and com.netapp.aegis.