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You can restore VMs, VMDKs, files, and folders from primary or secondary backups.

  • VM restore destinations

    You can restore VMs only to the original host and datastore.

  • VMDK restore destinations

    You can restore VMDKs to either the original datastore.

You can also restore individual files and folders in a guest file restore session, which attaches a backup copy of a virtual disk and then restores the selected files or folders.

You cannot use the SnapCenter Plug-in for VMware vSphere to restore a datastore, only the individual VMs in the datastore.

You cannot restore backups of storage VMs that have been removed. For example, if you add a storage VM using the management LIF and then create a backup, and then you remove that storage VM and add a cluster that contains that same storage VM, the restore operation for the backup will fail.