SnapCenter Software 4.5

SnapCenter Custom Plug-ins overview

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You can develop custom plug-ins for applications that you use and then use SnapCenter to backup, restore, or clone these applications. Like other SnapCenter plug-ins, your custom plug-ins act as host-side components of the NetApp SnapCenter Software, enabling application-aware data protection and management of resources.

When Custom Plug-ins are installed, you can use SnapCenter with NetApp SnapMirror technology to create mirror copies of backup sets on another volume and use NetApp SnapVault technology to perform disk-to-disk backup replication. The Custom Plug-ins can be used in both Windows and Linux environments.

Note SnapCenterCLI does not support SnapCenter Custom Plug-ins commands.

NetApp provides MySQL and DB2 custom plug-ins with SnapCenter Software 2.0 and later and MongoDB custom plug-in from 3.0 and later. These plug-ins can be downloaded from the NetApp Storage Automation Store.

Note MySQL, DB2, and MongoDB custom plug-ins are supported via the NetApp communities only.

You can create your own custom plug-ins by referring to Develop a plug-in for your application.