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SnapCenter Software 4.5
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Requirements for restoring a database

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Before you restore a SQL Server database from a SnapCenter Plug-in for Microsoft SQL Server backup, you must ensure that several requirements are met.

  • The target SQL Server instance must be online and running before you can restore a database.

    This applies to both user database restore operations and system database restore operations.

  • SnapCenter operations that are scheduled to run against the SQL Server data you are restoring must be disabled, including any jobs scheduled on remote management or remote verification servers.

  • If system databases are not functional, you must first rebuild the system databases using a SQL Server utility.

  • If you are installing the plug-in, ensure that you grant permissions for other roles to restore the Availability Group (AG) backups.

    Restoring AG fails when one of the following conditions are met:

    • If the plug-in is installed by RBAC user and an admin tries to restore an AG backup

    • If the plug-in is installed by an admin and a RBAC user tries to restore an AG backup

  • If you are restoring custom log directory backups to an alternate host, the SnapCenter Server and the plug-in host must have the same SnapCenter version installed.

  • You must have installed Microsoft hotfix, KB2887595. The Microsoft Support Site contains more information about KB2887595.

  • You must have backed up the resource groups or database.

  • If you are replicating Snapshot copies to a mirror or vault, the SnapCenter administrator must have assigned you the storage virtual machines (SVMs) for both the source volumes and destination volumes.

    For information about how administrators assign resources to users, see the SnapCenter installation information.

  • All backup and clone jobs must be stopped before restoring the database.

  • The restore operation might timeout if the database size is in terabytes (TB).

    You must increase the value of the RESTTimeout parameter of SnapCenter Server to 20000000 ms by running the following command: Set-SmConfigSettings -Agent -configSettings @{"RESTTimeout" = "20000000"}. According to the size of the database, the timeout value can be changed and the maximum value that you can set is 2147483648.

If you want to restore while the databases are online, the online restore option should be enabled in the Restore page.