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Snapdrive for Unix

Guidelines for the storage create operation


You should follow certain guidelines when you use the snapdrive storage create command for the storage create operation.

  • If you list LUNs from different storage system volumes with the -lun option, you cannot include the -dg, -hostvol, or -fs option at the command prompt.

  • The -nolvm option creates a file system directly on a LUN without activating the host LVM.

    You cannot specify host volumes or disk groups when you use this option.

  • You cannot use SnapDrive for UNIX storage provisioning commands for NFS files or directory trees.

  • If you use the snapdrive storage create command to create a file system directly on a LUN, you cannot specify more than one LUN.

    SnapDrive for UNIX always creates a new LUN when you use this form of the command.

  • Some operating systems have limits on how many LUNs you can create.

    If your host is running one of these operating systems, you might want to run the snapdrive config check luns command.

  • Creating a file system on a raw LUN with DMP multipathing is supported.

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