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SnapManager Oracle

Deleting clones


You can delete the clones when the size of the Snapshot copy reaches between 10% and 20% of the backup. This also guarantees that the clone has the most current data.

The label is the unique identifier for each clone in a profile. You can use the clone label or ID, but not the system identifier (SID) to delete the clone.

Note The clone SID and the clone label are not the same.

When you are deleting a clone, the database must be running. Otherwise, many files and directories for the existing clone will not be deleted, resulting in more work before another clone can be created.

The directories specified for certain Oracle parameters in the clone are destroyed when the clone is deleted, and should only contain data for the cloned database: Archive Log Destinations, Background, Core, and User Dump Destinations. The audit files are not deleted.

Note You cannot delete a clone when the clone is used in other operations.

You can optionally collect the dump files after a successful or failed clone delete operation.

  1. Enter the following command: smo clone delete -profile profile_name [-label label | -id guid] [-syspasswordsyspassword]| [login-usernamedb_username-password] db_password-portdb_port] [-asminstance-asmusernameasm_username-asmpasswordasm_password][-force][-dump][-quiet]|[-verbose]


smo clone delete -profile targetdb1_prof1 -label sales0908_clone1

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