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SnapManager Oracle

Restoring backups by using fast restore


You can force SnapManager for Oracle to use the volume-based SnapRestore process rather than other restore processes, if all mandatory fast restore eligibility conditions are met.

You can use the backup restore command with -fast: backup restore -fast [require | override | fallback | off]

You can use the -fast option only if you want to perform a complete restore of a full backup. The -fast option includes the following parameters:

  • require: Enables you to perform a volume restore, if all mandatory restore eligibility conditions are met and no overridable checks are found.

    If you specify the -fast option, but do not specify any parameter for -fast, SnapManager uses the-require parameter as a default.

  • override: Enables you to override non-mandatory eligibility checks and perform the volume-based fast restore.

  • fallback: Enables you to restore the database using any method that SnapManager determines.

    If you do not specify -fast, SnapManager uses the -fallback parameter as the default.

  • off: Enables you to avoid the time required to perform all the eligibility checks, to perform a file-based restore process rather than the fast restore process.

If the backup does not pass the mandatory eligibility checks, the fast restore cannot complete successfully.

SnapManager performs volume-based fast restores in UNIX-based environments only; SnapManager does not perform fast restores in the Windows environment.

While performing VBSR on the data file backup, if the data files and the archive log files are present in the same volume and if the archive log files are not present in the active file system, the restore and recovery of the database succeeds. However, the future archive log Snapshots are deleted as a part of the VBSR resulting in a stale entry of the archive log backup in the repository.

  1. Enter the following command:smo backup restore -profileprofile_name-labellabel-complete-fast require-verbose

    smo backup restore -profile targetdb1_prof1
          -label full_bkup_sales_nov_08  -complete -fast require -verbose
  2. Review the fast restore eligibility checks.

  3. If the eligibility check determines that no mandatory checks failed, if certain conditions can be overridden, and if you want to continue with the restore process, enter the following command: backup restore -fast override

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