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Access BMC interface

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You can access the BMC interface using the DHCP or static IP address for the BMC management port on the following appliance models:

  • SGF6112

  • SG6000

  • SG1000

  • SG100

Before you begin
  • The management client is using a supported web browser.

  • The BMC management port on the appliance is connected to the management network you plan to use.

    SGF6112 BMC management port
    SG6000-CN controller BMC management port
    SG1000 BMC Management Port
    SG100 BMC management port
  1. Enter the URL for the BMC interface:

    For BMC_Port_IP, use the DHCP or static IP address for the BMC management port.

    The BMC sign-in page appears.

    Note If you haven't yet configured BMC_Port_IP, follow the instructions in Configure BMC interface. If you are unable to follow that procedure due to a hardware problem, and have not yet configured a BMC IP address, you might still be able to access the BMC. By default, the BMC obtains an IP address using DHCP. If DHCP is enabled on the BMC network, your network administrator can provide the IP address assigned to the BMC MAC, which is printed on the label on the front of the appliance. If DHCP is not enabled on the BMC network, the BMC will not respond after a few minutes and assign itself the default static IP You might need to connect your laptop directly to the BMC port, and change the networking setting to assign your laptop an IP such as, in order to browse to
  2. Enter the admin or root username and password, using the password you set when you changed the default root password:

    Note The default user depends on when you installed your StorageGRID appliance. The default user is admin for new installations and root for older installations.
  3. Select Sign me in.

    BMC Dashboard
  4. Optionally, create additional users by selecting Settings > User Management and clicking on any “disabled” user.

    Note When users sign in for the first time, they might be prompted to change their password for increased security.