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Customize tridentctl installation

Contributors juliantap

You can use the Astra Trident installer to customize installation.

Learn about the installer

The Astra Trident installer enables you to customize attributes. For example, if you have copied the Trident image to a private repository, you can specify the image name by using --trident-image. If you have copied the Trident image as well as the needed CSI sidecar images to a private repository, it might be preferable to specify the location of that repository by using the --image-registry switch, which takes the form <registry FQDN>[:port].

If you are using a distribution of Kubernetes, where kubelet keeps its data on a path other than the usual /var/lib/kubelet, you can specify the alternate path by using --kubelet-dir.

If you need to customize the installation beyond what the installer's arguments allow, you can also customize the deployment files. Using the --generate-custom-yaml parameter creates the following YAML files in the installer's setup directory:

  • trident-clusterrolebinding.yaml

  • trident-deployment.yaml

  • trident-crds.yaml

  • trident-clusterrole.yaml

  • trident-daemonset.yaml

  • trident-service.yaml

  • trident-namespace.yaml

  • trident-serviceaccount.yaml

  • trident-resourcequota.yaml

After you have generated these files, you can modify them according to your needs and then use --use-custom-yaml to install your custom deployment.

./tridentctl install -n trident --use-custom-yaml