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NetApp Element Plug-in for VMware vCenter Server product overview

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The NetApp Element Plug-in for VMware vCenter Server is a web-based tool integrated with the VMware vSphere Web Client user interface (UI). The plug-in is an extension and alternative scalable, user-friendly interface for VMware vSphere that can manage and monitor storage clusters running NetApp Element software software.

You can use the plug-in user interface to discover and configure clusters, and to manage, monitor, and allocate storage from cluster capacity to configure datastores and virtual datastores (for virtual volumes). A cluster appears on the network as a single local group that is represented to hosts and administrators by virtual IP addresses. You can also monitor cluster activity with real-time reporting, including error and alert messaging for any event that might occur while performing various operations.

  • Registration utility: A tool that allows you to manage the QoSSIOC service and plug-in registration with vCenter.

    Note Beginning with Element Plug-in for vCenter 5.0, you register the Element Plug-in from a separate management node for each vCenter Server that manages NetApp SolidFire storage clusters.
  • Management services: Microservices that include the QoSSIOC service for the vCenter Plug-in. Upgrades to the plug-in are released as part of a management services bundle.

    Tip Learn more about management services releases.
  • Management node (mNode): A virtual machine that runs in parallel with one or more Element software-based storage clusters. As of the Element 11.3 release, management services are hosted on the management node, allowing for quicker updates of select software services outside of major releases.

Common URLs

In addition to vSphere, these are some of the common URLs you use with vCenter plug-in:

URL Description

https://[management node IP address]:9443

Register the vCenter Plug-in package in the vSphere Web Client.

https://[management node IP address]:442

From the management node per-node UI, access network and cluster settings and utilize system tests and utilities. Learn more.

https://[management node IP address]

Access NetApp Hybrid Cloud Control to upgrade your management services, or expand, monitor, and manage your installation. Learn more.

https://[management node IP address]/mnode

Manually update management services or manage assets using the REST API UI from the management node. Learn more.

https://[storage cluster MVIP address]

Access the NetApp Element software UI.