system controller replace show-details

Display detailed status of controller replacement

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the advanced privilege level.


The system controller replace show-details command displays detailed information about the currently running and previously run non-disruptive controller replacement operations. The command displays the following information:


{ [-fields <fieldname>, ...]
If you specify the -fields <fieldname>, ... parameter, the command output also includes the specified field or fields. You can use '-fields ?' to display the fields to specify.
| [-instance ]}
If you specify the -instance parameter, the command displays detailed information about all fields.
[-operation-identifier {None|Controller-replacement}] - Operation Identifier
Specifies the NDO operation identifier.
[-task-identifier <integer>] - Task Identifier
Specifies the identification number of the task.
[-node <nodename>] - Node That Performs Operation
Specifies the node that is to be replaced.
[-task-phase {None|Initialization|Precheck|Commit|Collect-info|Preop|Resource-release|Verification|Resource-regain|Postop|Uncommit|Postcheck|Cleanup}] - Task Phase
Specifies the phase of the operation.
[-task-name <text>] - Name of the Task
Specifies the name of the task.
[-task-status {None|Ready-to-start|In-progress|Waiting|Paused-on-error||Paused-for-intervention|Paused-on-request|Completed-on-first-node|Completed|Failed|Pause_req|Canceled}] - Status of the Task
Specifies the status of the task.
[-task-error <text>] - Error During the Task Execution
Specifies the error occured.
[-task-recovery-action <text>] - Action to Recover from Error
Specifies the action to be taken in case of error.


The following example displays detailed information about the non-disruptive replacement operation:

cluster1::*> system controller replace show-details
	Task Phase       Node            Task Name            Operation-State
	---------------- --------------- --------------------- -----------------------
	Precheck         node1           Cluster Health Check  Completed
	                                 MCC Cluster Check     Completed
	                                 Aggr Relocation       Completed
	                                 Status Check
	                                 Model Name Check      Completed
	                                 Cluster Quorum Check  Completed
	                                 Image Version Check   Completed
	                                 HA Status Check       Completed
	                                 Aggregate Status      Completed
	                                 Disk Status Check     Completed
	                                 Data LIF Status Check Completed
	                                 Cluster LIF Status    Completed
	                                 ASUP Status Check     Completed
	                                 CPU Utilization Check Completed
	                                 Aggr Reconstruction   Completed
	                                 Node Affinity Job     Completed
	Collect-info     node1			 Verify Details        Paused-for-intervention
	                 node2           Verify Details        Paused-for-intervention
	17 entries were displayed.