Changing the password for a tenant's local root user

You might need to change the password for a tenant's local root user if the root user is locked out of the account.

Note: If single sign-on (SSO) is enabled for your StorageGRID system, the local root user cannot sign in to the tenant account. To perform root user tasks, users must belong to a federated group that has the Root Access permission for the tenant.

Before you begin


  1. Select Tenants.
    The Tenant Accounts page appears and lists all existing tenant accounts.
    Tenant Accounts page
  2. Select the tenant account you want to edit.
    If your system includes more than 20 items, you can specify how many rows are shown on each page at one time. Use the search box to search for a tenant account by display name or tenant ID.
    The View Details, Edit, and Actions buttons become enabled.
  3. From the Actions drop-down, select Change Root Password.

    screenshot showing Change Root User Password
  4. Enter the new password for the tenant account.
  5. Select Save.