What’s new with the Astra Control REST API

NetApp periodically updates the Astra Control REST API to bring you new features, enhancements, and bug fixes.

14 December 2021 (21.12)

This release includes an expansion of the REST API along with a change to the documentation structure to better support the evolution of Astra Control through the future release updates.

Separate Astra Automation documentation for each release of Astra Control

Every release of Astra Control includes a distinct REST API that has been enhanced and tailored to the features of the specific release. The documentation for each release of the Astra Control REST API is now available at its own dedicated web site along with the associated GitHub content repository. The main doc site Astra Control Automation always contains the documentation for the most current release. See Earlier versions of Astra Control Automation documentation for information about prior releases.

Expansion of the REST resource types

The number of REST resource types has continued to expand with an emphasis on execution hooks and storage backends. The new resources include: account, execution hook, hook source, execution hook override, cluster node, managed storage backend, namespace, storage device, and storage node. See Resources for more information.

NetApp Astra Control Python SDK

NetApp Astra Control Python SDK is an open source package that makes it easier to develop automation code for your Astra Control environment. At the core is the Astra SDK which includes a set of classes to abstract the complexity of the REST API calls. There is also a toolkit script to execute specific administrative tasks by wrapping and abstracting the Python classes. See NetApp Astra Control Python SDK for more information.

5 August 2021 (21.08)

This release includes the introduction of a new Astra deployment model and a major expansion of the REST API.

Astra Control Center deployment model

In addition to the existing Astra Control Service offering provided as a public cloud service, this release also includes the Astra Control Center on-premises deployment model. You can install Astra Control Center at your site to manage your local Kubernetes environment. The two Astra Control deployment models share the same REST API, with minor differences noted as needed in the documentation.

Expansion of the REST resource types

The number of resources accessible through the Astra Control REST API has greatly expanded, with many of the new resources providing a foundation for the on-premises Astra Control Center offering. The new resources include: ASUP, entitlement, feature, license, setting, subscription, bucket, cloud, cluster, managed cluster, storage backend, and storage class. See Resources for more information.

Additional endpoints supporting an Astra deployment

In addition to the expanded REST resources, there are several other new API endpoints available to support an Astra Control deployment.

OpenAPI support

The OpenAPI endpoints provide access to the current OpenAPI JSON document and other related resources.

OpenMetrics support

The OpenMetrics endpoints provide access to account metrics through the OpenMetrics resource.

15 April 2021 (21.04)

This release includes the following new features and enhancements.

Introduction of the REST API

The Astra Control REST API is available for use with the Astra Control Service offering. It has been created based on REST technologies and current best practices. The API provides a foundation for the automation of your Astra deployments and includes the following features and benefits.


There are fourteen REST resource types available.

API token access

Access to the REST API is provided through an API access token which you can generate at the Astra web user interface. The API token provides secure access to the API.

Support for collections

There is a rich set of query parameters which can be used to access the resources collections. Some of the supported operations include filtering, sorting, and pagination.