Astra automation documentation

Astra is a NetApp service that provides data lifecycle management for your Kubernetes applications. In addition to the web browser interface, there is a REST API allowing software developers to directly access the Astra functionality. You can also manage Astra deployments using Ansible and other automation technologies.

Get started

Get an overview of the Astra REST API.

Before you begin

Prepare to start using the API.

Get an API token

Generate a token you need for API access.

Hello world

Test basic access to the REST API.

Core REST implementation
REST web services

Understand the technology foundations of REST web services.

HTTP details

Review the details of the HTTP implementation.

URL format

Understand the URL format and how it is composed of multiple values.

Additional usage considerations

Explore the security provided with the REST API.

Working with collections

Use query parameters to access the resource collections.

Diagnostics and support

Prepare to support Astra applications.

Resources and collections

Become familiar with the design of REST resources and collections.

Details of the Astra REST API resources

Review a concise introduction to the various Astra resources.


Prepare to use the Astra workflows.

Workflows by category

The workflows are organized in several different categories.

Before you begin

Prepare to run the sample Python scripts.

List the managed apps

Run a sample script to list the managed apps.