Get an API token

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You must have an API access token to access the Astra REST API.

The Astra API tokens never expire, however you can revoke a token when it is no longer needed.
Before you begin

You need an account for the Astra service.

About this task

This task generates an API token at the Astra web interface. You should also retrieve the account ID.

  1. Sign in to the Astra service using your account credentials.

  2. Click the figure icon at the top right of the page and select API access.

  3. Click Generate API token on the page and in the popup window click Generate API token.

  4. Click the icon to copy the token string to the clipboard and save it in your editor.

  5. Copy and save the account id which is available on the same page.

After you finish

When you access the Astra REST API through Curl or a programming language, you must include in the API bearer token in the Authorization request header. To revoke the token, see Security.