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You can use the resources provided through REST API to automate the administration of an Astra deployment. Each resource is access through one or more endpoints. This section provides an introduction to these resources which is useful as part of planning an automation deployment.

See API reference for more information.

Summary of resources for the Astra REST API

The resource endpoints provided in the Astra REST API are organized in three categories

Core resources

The core resource endpoints provide the foundational services needed to establish and maintain the Astra runtime environment. The endpoints include:

  • Credential

  • Event

  • Notification

  • Role Binding

  • Token

  • Unread notification

  • User

Managed application resources

The managed application resource endpoints provide access to the managed Kubernetes applications. The endpoints include:

  • Application asset

  • Application backup

  • Application snapshot

  • Managed application

  • Schedule

Topology resources

The topology resource endpoints provide access to the unmanaged applications and storage resources. The endpoints include:

  • App

  • Volume

Format of the access path and URL

The format of the path and full URL used to access the Astra resources is based on several values. See URL format for more information.