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Access the Astra API reference documentation

Contributors dmp-netapp

You can access the details of the Astra Control REST API calls, including the HTTP methods, input parameters, and responses. This complete reference is helpful when developing automation applications using the REST API.

Before you begin

You need credentials to sign in to the Astra web user interface for your deployment. The procedure for accessing the reference documentation is the same for Astra Control Service and Astra Control Center. Only the URL is different. An API token is not required to access and view the reference doc.

  1. Sign in to Astra using your account credentials as follows:

    • Astra Control Service:

    • Astra Control Center: Use the URL for your local environment as established during installation

  2. Click the figure icon at the top right of the page and select API access.

  3. At the top of the page click the URL displayed under API Documentation.


The Swagger page is launched in a new window or tab. Notice the URL includes the account ID for the account you signed in with.

What's next?

You can optionally execute an API call from the Swagger page. See Issue an Astra REST API call for more information.