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About this release

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The documentation at this site describes the Astra Control REST API and related automation technologies included with the two Astra Control deployment models.

Release versioning

Every Astra Control release is assigned a version number of the form YY.MM. This value identities the version based on the year (YY) and month (MM) it became available. For example, Astra Control Center 23.07 was released in July 2023.

Release cadence

Updates to Astra Control Service and Astra Control Center generally occur at the same time. However, in the past Astra Control Service had an accelerated release cadence. This resulted in one or more incremental updates beyond the most current Astra Control Center release.

Astra Control deployments

The documentation at this site applies to the following Astra Control releases:

  • Astra Control Service 23.10

  • Astra Control Center 23.10

Because this site documents the REST API for both deployment models, there may be some features available only with one deployment model or the other. Any significant differences between the two are noted as needed.

More information

See the following pages and sites for more information about the current as well as previous Astra Control releases.

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