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Before you begin

Contributors dmp-netapp

You can use these workflows to create and maintain the infrastructure used with an Astra Control Center deployment. In many cases, the workflows can also be used with Astra Control Service.

Note These workflows can be expanded and enhanced by NetApp at any time and so you should review them periodically.

General preparation

Before using any of the Astra workflows, make sure to review Prepare to use the workflows.

Workflow categories

The infrastructure workflows are organized in different categories to make it easier to locate the one you want.

Category Description

Identity and access

These workflows allow you to manage identity and how Astra is accessed. The resources include users, credentials, and tokens.

LDAP configuration

You can optionally configure Astra Control Center to use LDAP to authenticate selected users.


You can add managed Kubernetes clusters which allows you to protect and support the applications they contain.


These workflows provide access to the clouds available through the Astra Control REST API.


You can use these workflows to create and manage the S3 buckets used to store backups.


These workflows allow you to add and maintain storage backends and volumes.