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Astra Control Center
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Manage the storage backend


Managing storage clusters in Astra Control as a storage backend enables you to get linkages between persistent volumes (PVs) and the storage backend as well as additional storage metrics. You can monitor storage capacity and health details, including performance if Astra Control Center is connected to Cloud Insights.

For instructions on how to manage storage backends using the Astra API, see the Astra Automation and API information.

You can complete the following tasks related to managing a storage backend:

View storage backend details

You can view storage backend information from the Dashboard or from the Backends option.

View storage backend details from the Dashboard

  1. From the left navigation, select Dashboard.

  2. Review the Storage backend section that shows the state:

    • Unhealthy: The storage is not in an optimal state. This could be due to a latency issue or an app is degraded due to a container issue, for example.

    • All healthy: The storage has been managed and is in an optimal state.

    • Discovered: The storage has been discovered, but not managed by Astra Control.

View storage backend details from the Backends option

View information about the backend health, capacity, and performance (IOPS throughput and/or latency).

With a connection to Cloud Insights, you can see the volumes that the Kubernetes apps are using, which are stored on a selected storage backend.

  1. In the left navigation area, select Backends.

  2. Select the storage backend.

    Tip If you connected to NetApp Cloud Insights, excerpts of data from Cloud Insights appear on the Backends page.

    A screenshot of the Backends page

  3. To go directly to Cloud Insights, click the Cloud Insights icon next to the metrics image.

Unmanage a storage backend

You can unmanage the backend.

  1. From left navigation, select Backends.

  2. Select the backend storage.

  3. From the Actions menu, select Unmanage.

  4. Type "unmanage" to confirm the removal.

  5. Select Yes, remove storage backend.

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