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Astra Control Center
A newer release of this product is available.

Quick start for Astra Control Center


This page provides a high-level overview of the steps needed to get started with Astra Control Center. The links within each step take you to a page that provides more details.

Try it out! If you want to try Astra Control Center, you can use a 90-day evaluation license. See licensing information for details.

One Review Kubernetes cluster requirements
  • Astra works with Kubernetes clusters with a Trident-configured ONTAP storage backend or an Astra Data Store preview storage backend.

  • Clusters must be running in a healthy state, with at least three online worker nodes.

  • The cluster must be running Kubernetes.

Two Download and install Astra Control Center
  • Download Astra Control Center from the NetApp Support Site Astra Control Center Downloads page.

  • Install Astra Control Center in your local environment.

    Optionally, install Astra Control Center using Red Hat OperatorHub.

  • Discover your Trident configuration backed by the ONTAP storage backend. Or, discover your Astra Data Store preview clusters as your storage backend.

    You install the images on an OpenShift registry or use your local registry.

Three Complete some initial setup tasks
  • Add a license.

  • Add a Kubernetes cluster and Astra Control Center discovers details.

  • Add an ONTAP or Astra Data Store preview storage backend.

  • Optionally, add an object store bucket that will store your app backups.

Four Use Astra Control Center

After you finish setting up Astra Control Center, here's what you might do next:

Five Continue from this Quick Start

Install Astra Control Center.

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