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Check the Astra Trident version

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To add a self-managed cluster that uses Astra Control Provisioner or Astra Trident for storage services, ensure that the installed version of Astra Trident is 23.10 or latest.

  1. Determine the Astra Trident version you are running:

    kubectl get tridentversions -n trident

    If Astra Trident is installed, you see output similar to the following:

    trident   24.02.0

    If Astra Trident is not installed, you see output similar to the following:

    error: the server doesn't have a resource type "tridentversions"
  2. Do one of the following:

    • If you are running Astra Trident 23.01 or earlier, use these instructions to upgrade to a more recent version of Astra Trident before upgrading to the Astra Control Provisioner. You can perform a direct upgrade to Astra Control Provisioner 24.02 if your Astra Trident is within a four-release window of version 24.02. For example, you can directly upgrade from Astra Trident 23.04 to Astra Control Provisioner 24.02.

    • If you are running Astra Trident 23.10 or later, verify that Astra Control Provisioner has been enabled. Astra Control Provisioner will not work with releases of Astra Control Center earlier than 23.10. Upgrade your Astra Control Provisioner so that it has the same version as the Astra Control Center you are upgrading to access the latest functionality.

  3. Ensure that the pods are running:

    kubectl get pods -n trident
  4. Check if the storage classes are using the supported Astra Trident drivers. The provisioner name should be Refer to the following example:

    kubectl get sc

    Sample response:

    ontap-gold (default)          Delete          Immediate           true                   5d23h