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Upgrade Astra Trident

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Beginning with the 24.02 release, Astra Trident follows a four-months release cadence, delivering three major releases every calendar year. Each new release builds on the previous releases and provides new features, performance enhancements, bug fixes, and improvements. We encourage you to upgrade at least once a year to take advantage of the new features in Astra Trident.

Considerations before upgrading

When upgrading to the latest release of Astra Trident, consider the following:

  • There should be only one Astra Trident instance installed across all the namespaces in a given Kubernetes cluster.

  • Astra Trident 23.07 and later requires v1 volume snapshots and no longer supports alpha or beta snapshots.

  • If you created Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud in the CVS service type, you must update the backend configuration to use the standardsw or zoneredundantstandardsw service level when upgrading from Astra Trident 23.01. Failure to update the serviceLevel in the backend could cause volumes to fail. Refer to CVS service type samples for details.

  • When upgrading, it is important you provide parameter.fsType in StorageClasses used by Astra Trident. You can delete and re-create StorageClasses without disrupting pre-existing volumes.

Step 1: Select a version

Astra Trident versions follow a date-based YY.MM naming convention, where "YY" is the last two digits of the year and "MM" is the month. Dot releases follow a YY.MM.X convention, where "X" is the patch level. You will select the version to upgrade to based on the version you are upgrading from.

  • You can perform a direct upgrade to any target release that is within a four-release window of your installed version. For example, you can directly upgrade from 23.01 (or any 23.01 dot release) to 24.02.

  • If you are upgrading from a release outside of the four-release window, perform a multi-step upgrade. Use the upgrade instructions for the earlier version you are upgrading from to upgrade to the most recent release that fits the four-release window. For example, if you are running 22.01 and want to upgrade to 24.02:

    1. First upgrade from 22.01 to 23.01.

    2. Then upgrade from 23.01 to 24.02.

Note When upgrading using the Trident operator on OpenShift Container Platform, you should upgrade to Trident 21.01.1 or later. The Trident operator released with 21.01.0 contains a known issue that has been fixed in 21.01.1. For more details, refer to the issue details on GitHub.

Step 2: Determine the original installation method

To determine which version you used to originally install Astra Trident:

  1. Use kubectl get pods -n trident to examine the pods.

    • If there is no operator pod, Astra Trident was installed using tridentctl.

    • If there is an operator pod, Astra Trident was installed using the Trident operator either manually or using Helm.

  2. If there is an operator pod, use kubectl describe torc to determine if Astra Trident was installed using Helm.

    • If there is a Helm label, Astra Trident was installed using Helm.

    • If there is no Helm label, Astra Trident was installed manually using the Trident operator.

Step 3: Select an upgrade method

Generally, you should upgrade using the same method you used for the initial installation, however you can move between installation methods. There are two options to upgrade Astra Trident.