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Upgrade with tridentctl

Contributors juliantap netapp-dbagwell netapp-mwallis

You can easily upgrade an existing Astra Trident installation using tridentctl.

About this task

Uninstalling and reinstalling Astra Trident acts as an upgrade. When you uninstall Trident, the Persistent Volume Claim (PVC) and Persistent Volume (PV) used by the Astra Trident deployment are not deleted. PVs that have already been provisioned will remain available while Astra Trident is offline, and Astra Trident will provision volumes for any PVCs that are created in the interim once it is back online.

Before you begin

Review Select an upgrade method before upgrading using tridentctl.

  1. Run the uninstall command in tridentctl to remove all of the resources associated with Astra Trident except for the CRDs and related objects.

    ./tridentctl uninstall -n <namespace>
  2. Reinstall Astra Trident. Refer to Install Astra Trident using tridentctl.

Important Do not interrupt the upgrade process. Ensure the installer runs to completion.