Prepare to use the API

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There are several things you should do to prepare before using the Cloud Volumes ONTAP REST API and associated workflows.

Review REST concepts and implementation

Make sure to review REST implementation details for information about REST concepts and the details of how the Cloud Volumes ONTAP REST API is designed.

Decide on the cloud provider and have credentials

Cloud Volumes ONTAP can be deployed in Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. You need to decide which of these providers you’ll use and have the appropriate credentials.

Have Cloud Central credentials

You’ll need a NetApp account (formerly NetApp Cloud Central) login to acquire an access token required for the workflow processes. See Signing up to NetApp Cloud Central for more information.

Be familiar with Cloud Volumes ONTAP concepts

If you intend to perform Cloud Volumes ONTAP administration tasks, you should be familiar with Cloud Volumes ONTAP concepts, terminology, and procedures. See Learn about Cloud Volumes ONTAP for more information.

Decide on the licensing model

You can create and manage Cloud Volumes ONTAP instances using a subscription PAYGO ("pay as you go") model or apply your own licenses with BYOL ("bring your own license"). You need to decide which licensing model you’ll use and be ready to adjust the workflows as needed.

Prepare to use the workflow processes

Review Workflow processes for more information about the organization and content of the workflows. Also see Typical Cloud Manager deployment.

Note This documentation does not describe or use the Local UI.

Locate the client identifier

You’ll need the client id value for several of the workflows. For more information see Get required identifiers.

Get more information

You should be aware of the additional resources available as suggested in Additional resources.