Discover E-Series storage systems

Contributors netapp-bcammett

Cloud Manager can discover the E-Series storage systems in your on-premises environment. Adding E-Series systems to Cloud Manager enables you to get a complete view of the data across your hybrid multicloud.

What you’ll need
  • A Connector installed in a cloud provider or on your premises, with network connectivity to the E-Series storage system.

  • The domain name or IP address of the storage system controller.

  • Admin credentials for the system.

  1. From the Canvas, click Add Working Environment and select On-Premises.

  2. Select E-Series and click Next.

  3. If you’re prompted, create a Connector.

    Refer to the link above for more details.

  4. On the E-Series Cluster Details page, enter the domain name or IP address of the storage system controller, admin credentials for the system, and then click Add.

    A screenshot that shows the E-Series Cluster Details page where you’re prompted to enter the domain name or IP address and the admin user name and password.


Cloud Manager discovers the E-Series storage system and adds it as a working environment on the Canvas.

A screenshot that shows an E-Series working environment on the Cloud Manager Canvas.