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What's new in Cloud Volumes ONTAP 9.12.0

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Cloud Volumes ONTAP 9.12.0 includes a new enhancement.

Additional features and enhancements are also introduced in the latest versions of BlueXP. See the BlueXP Release Notes for details.

9.12.0 P1 (15 Dec 2022)

Cloud Volumes ONTAP 9.12.0 P1 is now available in AWS and Google Cloud. This release includes the following new feature.

Support for m6id.32xlarge in AWS

Cloud Volumes ONTAP is now supported with the m6id.32xlarge EC2 instance type in AWS.

Go to the supported configurations page for more details.

Upgrade notes

Read through these notes to learn more about upgrading to this release.

How to upgrade

Upgrades of Cloud Volumes ONTAP must be completed from BlueXP. You should not upgrade Cloud Volumes ONTAP by using System Manager or the CLI. Doing so can impact system stability.

Supported upgrade path

You can upgrade to Cloud Volumes ONTAP 9.12.0 from the 9.11.1 release. BlueXP will prompt you to upgrade eligible Cloud Volumes ONTAP systems to this release.

Required version of the Connector

The BlueXP Connector must be running version 3.9.24 or later to deploy new Cloud Volumes ONTAP 9.12.0 systems and to upgrade existing systems to this release.

Tip Automatic upgrades of the Connector are enabled by default so you should be running the latest version.


  • The upgrade of a single node system takes the system offline for up to 25 minutes, during which I/O is interrupted.

  • Upgrading an HA pair is nondisruptive and I/O is uninterrupted. During this nondisruptive upgrade process, each node is upgraded in tandem to continue serving I/O to clients.

Upgrades in AWS with c4, m4, and r4 EC2 instance types

In AWS, the c4, m4, and r4 EC2 instance types are no longer supported with new Cloud Volumes ONTAP deployments. If you have an existing system that's running on a c4, m4, or r4 instance type, you must change to an instance type in the c5, m5, or r5 instance family. If you can't change the instance type, you need to enable enhanced networking before upgrading.

Refer to NetApp Support to learn more about the end of availability and support for these instance types.