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Cloud Volumes ONTAP is available in Google Cloud Platform in two pricing options: pay-as-you-go and Bring Your Own License (BYOL).

Pay-as-you-go overview

  • Offers Cloud Volumes ONTAP in three different configurations: Explore, Standard, and Premium.

  • A 30-day free trial is available for the first Cloud Volumes ONTAP system that you deploy in GCP.

    There are no hourly software charges, but GCP infrastructure charges still apply (compute, storage, and networking).

  • Conversions from PAYGO to BYOL aren’t currently supported, but are planned for a future release.

  • Basic technical support is offered, but you must register and activate the NetApp serial number associated with your system.

BYOL overview

  • Single node license at 2, 12, 24, and 36-month subscription options.

  • Support is included for the length of the subscription term.

Supported configurations by license

Cloud Volumes ONTAP is available in Google Cloud Platform as a single node system.

Explore Standard Premium BYOL

Supported machine types 1




  • custom-4-16384

  • n1-standard-8

  • n1-standard-32

Supported disk types 2

Zonal persistent disks (SSD and standard)

Cold data tiering to object storage

Not supported


Maximum system capacity
(disks + object storage)

2 TB

10 TB

368 TB 3


  1. The custom machine type has 4 vCPUs and 16 GB of memory. For details about standard machine types, refer to Google Cloud Documentation: Machine Types.

  2. Enhanced write performance is enabled when using SSDs.

  3. Disk limits prevent you from reaching the 368 TB capacity limit by using disks alone. You can reach the 368 TB capacity limit by tiering inactive data to object storage.

  4. For Google Cloud Platform region support, see Cloud Volumes Global Regions.

Supported disk sizes

In GCP, an aggregate can contain up to 6 disks that are all the same type and size. The following disk sizes are supported:

  • 100 GB

  • 500 GB

  • 1 TB

  • 2 TB

  • 4 TB

  • 8 TB

  • 16 TB