Registering pay-as-you-go systems

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Support from NetApp is included with Cloud Volumes ONTAP PAYGO systems, but you must first activate support by registering the systems with NetApp.

Registering a PAYGO system with NetApp is required to upgrade ONTAP software using any of the methods described on this page.

Tip A system that isn’t registered for support will still receive the software update notifications that appear in BlueXP when a new version is available. But you will need to register the system before you can upgrade the software.
  1. If you have not yet added your NetApp Support Site account to BlueXP, go to Account Settings and add it now.

  2. On the Canvas page, double-click the name of the system you want to register..

  3. On the Overview tab, click the Features panel and then click the pencil icon next to Support Registration.

  4. Select a NetApp Support Site account and click Register.


BlueXP registers the system with NetApp.