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AutoSupport and Active IQ Digital Advisor


The AutoSupport component of ONTAP collects telemetry and sends it for analysis. Active IQ Digital Advisor analyzes the data from AutoSupport and provides proactive care and optimization. Using artificial intelligence, Active IQ can identify potential problems and help you resolve them before they impact your business.

Active IQ enables you to optimize your data infrastructure across your global hybrid cloud by delivering actionable predictive analytics and proactive support through a cloud-based portal and mobile app. Data-driven insights and recommendations from Active IQ are available to all NetApp customers with an active SupportEdge contract (features vary by product and support tier).

Here are some things you can do with Active IQ:

  • Plan upgrades.

    Active IQ identifies issues in your environment that can be resolved by upgrading to a newer version of ONTAP and the Upgrade Advisor component helps you plan for a successful upgrade.

  • View system wellness.

    Your Active IQ dashboard reports any issues with wellness and helps you correct those issues. Monitor system capacity to make sure you never run out of storage space. View support cases for your system.

  • Manage performance.

    Active IQ shows system performance over a longer period than you can see in ONTAP System Manager. Identify configuration and system issues that are impacting your performance.
    Maximize efficiency. View storage efficiency metrics and identify ways to store more data in less space.

  • View inventory and configuration.

    Active IQ displays complete inventory and software and hardware configuration information. See when service contracts are expiring and renew them to ensure you remain supported.