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Cloud Volumes ONTAP 9.5 includes several new features and enhancements.

Additional features and enhancements are also introduced in the latest versions of Cloud Manager. See the Cloud Manager Release Notes for details.

Features released on 4 Dec 2018

Cloud Volumes ONTAP 9.5 RC1 is now available in Microsoft Azure. The 9.5 release will be available in AWS at a later date.

Preview of high-availability (HA) pairs in Microsoft Azure

A preview of Cloud Volumes ONTAP HA pairs in Microsoft Azure is now available. An HA pair provides enterprise reliability and continuous operations in case of failures in your cloud environment. Similar to a physical ONTAP cluster, storage in an Azure HA pair is shared between the two nodes.

HA pairs in Azure are available as a preview. You can request a preview license by contacting us at ng-Cloud-Volume-ONTAP-preview@netapp.com.

Improved networking performance in Azure

Cloud Volumes ONTAP systems are now enabled with Accelerated Networking in Azure. Cloud Manager enables Accelerated Networking when you upgrade to 9.5 and when you deploy new 9.5 systems.

Support for new Azure regions

You can now deploy Cloud Volumes ONTAP in the France Central region.

Support for NetApp Volume Encryption

NetApp Volume Encryption (NVE) is a software-based technology for encrypting data at rest one volume at a time. Data, Snapshot copies, and metadata are encrypted. Access to the data is given by a unique XTS-AES-256 key, one per volume.

At this time, Cloud Volumes ONTAP supports NetApp Volume Encryption with an external key management server. An Onboard Key Manager is not supported.

You need to set up NetApp Volume Encryption from the CLI. You can then use either the CLI or System Manager to enable encryption on specific volumes. Cloud Manager does not support NetApp Volume Encryption at this time.

Upgrade notes

  • You can upgrade to Cloud Volumes ONTAP 9.5 from the 9.4 or 9.3 release. You can perform the upgrade directly from Cloud Manager.

    To understand version requirements, refer to ONTAP 9 Documentation: Cluster update requirements.

  • When you use Cloud Manager to upgrade a single-node system, the upgrade process takes the system offline for up to 25 minutes, during which I/O is interrupted.