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Cloud Volumes ONTAP 9.6 includes several new features and enhancements.

Additional features and enhancements are also introduced in the latest versions of Cloud Manager. See the Cloud Manager Release Notes for details.

General Availability of Cloud Volumes ONTAP in GCP (3 Sept 2019)

Cloud Volumes ONTAP is now generally available in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) when you bring your own license (BYOL). A pay-as-you-go promotion is also available. The promotion offers free licenses for an unlimited number of systems and will expire at the end of September 2019.

9.6 P2 (29 Aug 2019)

The 9.6 P2 patch release for Cloud Volumes ONTAP is now available through Cloud Manager. Cloud Manager will prompt you to upgrade your existing 9.5 and 9.6 systems to this patch release. View the list of bugs fixed in the P2 patch.

9.6 GA (15 July 2019)

The General Availability (GA) release of Cloud Volumes ONTAP 9.6 is now available. The GA release includes bug fixes. Cloud Manager will prompt you to upgrade your existing systems to this release.

Cloud Volumes ONTAP remains in private preview in Google Cloud Platform.

9.6 RC1 (16 June 2019)

Cloud Volumes ONTAP 9.6 RC1 is available in AWS, Azure, and now in Google Cloud Platform. This release includes the following features.

Private preview of Cloud Volumes ONTAP in Google Cloud Platform

A private preview of Cloud Volumes ONTAP in Google Cloud Platform is now available. Similar to other cloud providers, Cloud Volumes ONTAP for Google Cloud Platform helps you reduce costs, improve performance, and increase availability.

Cloud Volumes ONTAP is available in GCP as a single node system and supports data tiering to object storage.

To join the private preview, send a request to ng-Cloud-Volume-ONTAP-preview@netapp.com.

Data tiering with HA pairs in Azure

Data tiering is now supported with Cloud Volumes ONTAP HA pairs in Microsoft Azure. Data tiering enables automated tiering of inactive data to low-cost Blob storage.

Support for FlexCache volumes

A FlexCache volume is a storage volume that caches NFS read data from an origin (or source) volume. Subsequent reads to the cached data result in faster access to that data.

You can use FlexCache volumes to speed up access to data or to offload traffic from heavily accessed volumes. FlexCache volumes help improve performance, especially when clients need to access the same data repeatedly, because the data can be served directly without having to access the origin volume. FlexCache volumes work well for system workloads that are read-intensive.

Cloud Manager does not provide management of FlexCache volumes at this time, but you can use the ONTAP CLI or ONTAP System Manager to create and manage FlexCache volumes:

Starting with the 3.7.2 release, Cloud Manager generates a FlexCache license for all new Cloud Volumes ONTAP systems. The license includes a 500 GB usage limit.

Additional ONTAP changes

ONTAP 9.6 includes other changes that Cloud Volumes ONTAP users might be interested in:

  • SnapMirror replication now supports TLS 1.2 encryption for communication in-flight

  • Data tiering (FabricPool) enhancements include:

    • Volume move support without needing to re-tier cold data

    • SVM disaster recovery support

For more details about the 9.6 release, see the ONTAP 9 Release Notes.

Upgrade notes

  • You can upgrade to Cloud Volumes ONTAP 9.6 from the 9.5 release. You can perform the upgrade directly from Cloud Manager.

    To understand version requirements, refer to ONTAP 9 Documentation: Cluster update requirements.

  • When you use Cloud Manager to upgrade a single-node system, the upgrade process takes the system offline for up to 25 minutes, during which I/O is interrupted.

  • Upgrades of HA pairs are nondisruptive. A nondisruptive upgrade upgrades both nodes in an HA pair concurrently while maintaining service to clients.