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Cloud Insights

Troubleshooting General Cloud Insights Problems

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Here you will find suggestions for troubleshooting Cloud insights.

Login issues

Problem: Try this:

Cloud Insights logs out every 5 minutes

Enable third-party acceptance for the necessary NetApp and auth0 cookies.

In Chrome, enter "chrome://settings/cookies" in the browser URL.

Select the "Allow all cookies" option.
Select "Block third-party cookies" and add exceptions for [.] and [.]

Note: Make sure to select the "Including third-party cookies on this site" option when creating an exception.

I have a Cloud Central account but am unable to login to Cloud Central.

Open a ticket from Select category “ > Account/Login issues” or “ > Federation issues”. This is specifically for Cloud Central issues or questions.
For all other Cloud Insights technical support issues, contact NetApp support.

I got invited to Cloud Insights but I get a "not authorized" message.

Verify that you have signed up for a Cloud Central account, or that your organization uses SSO login with Cloud Central.

Verify your Cloud Central profile email address matches email address shown in your Cloud Insights welcome email. If the email does not match, request a new invitation with the correct email address.

I logged out from Cloud Central or Cloud Secure and was automatically logged out from Cloud Insights.

Single Sign-On (SSO) across NetApp Cloud logs out all Cloud Insights, Cloud Secure, and Reporting sessions. If you have access to multiple Cloud Insights accounts, logging out from any one logs out all active sessions. Log back in to access your account.

I was automatically logged out after several days.

NetApp Cloud accounts require reauthentication every few days (current Cloud Central setting is 7 days). Log back in to access your account.

I receive an error message “no longer authorized to login”.

Contact your account administrator to verify access to Cloud Insights.
Verify your Cloud Central profile email address matches email address shown in your Cloud Insights welcome email

Other login errors

Try incognito mode in Chrome, or clear browser history, cookies, and cache.
Try with a different browser profile (i.e. Chrome - add Person).

Other Issues



My Qtree hard quotas are showing correctly in queries, but my soft quotas are showing as the total capacity of the volume. Is that correct?

Only hard quotas—​either manually set or set through Trident—​will show as the set quotas; if no hard quotas are specified, the Qtree capacity will be the internal volume capacity.

I have both a soft and a hard quota manually set in the same Qtree, but the total capacity showing is the hard quota; is that correct?

Yes, if a hard quota is specified, that will be shown as the total capacity.

When entering a Cognos report schedule time, sometimes I end up with an extra "m" in the schedule time. For example, if I enter the time as "02:15 PM", it may add an extra character: "02:15 PMM" (or PMm). When I click outside, it changes it to "2:15 AM".

I am able to save the report, but when I re-open the saved report, the schedule time appears as AM (i.e. morning), regardless of whether I entered AM or PM in the schedule time.

Re-enter the schedule time, being careful not to enter the full "AM" or "PM" characters; it is enough to type "A" for "AM or "P" for "PM". If you are not shown the extra character, the schedule time will be set correctly.


Additional troubleshooting tips may be found in the NetApp Knowledgebase (support sign-in required).

Additional support information may be found from the Cloud Insights Support page.

If you have an active Cloud Insights subscription you can use these support options:

For more information, see the Cloud Insights Support Documentation.