Troubleshooting Acquisition Unit Problems on Windows Edit on GitHub Request doc changes

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Here you will find suggestions for troubleshooting problems with Acquisition Units on a Windows server.


Try this:

Server Requirements not met

Ensure that your Acquisition Unit server or VM meets minimum requirements

Network Requirements not met

Ensure that your Acquisition Unit server/VM can access your Cloud Insights environment (<environment-name> through SSL connection over port 443

Proxy Server not configured properly

Verify your proxy settings, and uninstall/re-install the Acquisition Unit software if necessary to enter the correct proxy settings.

Permission issues

Be sure you are logged in as a user with administrator permissions

Acquisition Not Running:

You can find information in the acq.log in the <install directory>\Cloud Insights\Acquisition Unit\log folder.
Restart the Acquisition via Windows Services

Data Collection Issues

Generate an Error Report from the Data Collector landing page. Click the drop down next to the “Edit” icon and select “Error Report”