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SANtricity 11.7
A newer release of this product is available.

Suspend and resume synchronization for a mirrored pair


You can use the Suspend option and Resume option to control when to synchronize the data on the primary volume and the secondary volume in a mirrored pair.

About this task

If a mirrored pair is manually suspended, the mirrored pair will not synchronize until it is manually resumed.

  1. Select Storage  Synchronous Mirroring.

  2. Select the mirrored pair that you want to suspend or resume, and then select either More  Suspend or More  Resume.

    The system displays a confirmation.

  3. Select Yes to confirm.


System Manager performs the following actions:

  • Either suspends or resumes data transfer between the mirrored pair without removing the mirror relationship.

  • For a suspended mirrored pair:

    • Displays Suspended in the Mirrored Pair table.

    • Logs any data that was written to the primary volume of the mirrored pair while synchronization is suspended.

  • For a resumed mirrored pair, writes the data automatically to the secondary volume of the mirrored pair when synchronization is resumed. A full synchronization is not required.