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SANtricity 11.7
A newer release of this product is available.

Enable a premium feature


A premium feature is an extra option that requires a key to enable.

Before you begin
  • You have obtained a feature key. If necessary, contact technical support for a key.

  • You have loaded the key file on the management client (the system with a browser for accessing System Manager).

About this task

This task describes how to use System Manager to enable a premium feature.


If you want to disable a premium feature, you must use the Disable Storage Array Feature command (disable storageArray) (featurePack | feature=featureAttributeList) in the Command Line Interface (CLI).

  1. Select Settings  System.

  2. Under Add-ons, select Enable Premium Feature.

    The Enable a Premium Feature dialog box opens.

  3. Click Browse, and then select the key file.

    The file name is displayed in the dialog box.

  4. Click Enable.