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SANtricity 11.8

View hardware components

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The Hardware page provides sorting and filtering functions that make it easier to find components.

  1. Select Hardware.

  2. Use the functions described in the following table to view hardware components.

Function Description

Drives, controllers, and components views

To switch between front and back shelf views, select either Drives or Controllers & Components from the far right (the link that appears depends on the current view). The Drives view shows drives and any empty drive bays. The Controllers & Components view shows the controllers, and any IOM (ESM) modules, power/fan canisters, or empty controller bays. At the bottom of the page, you can also select Show all drives.

Drive view filters

If the storage array contains drives with different types of physical and logical attributes, the Hardware page includes drive view filters. These filter fields help you quickly locate specific drives by limiting the drive types displayed on the page. Under Show drives that are…​, click the filter field on the left (by default, shows Any drive type) to see a drop-down list of physical attributes (for example, capacity and speed). Click the filter field on the right (by default, shows Anywhere in the storage array) to see a drop-down list of logical attributes (for example, volume group assignment). You can use these filters together or separately.


If the storage array contains drives that all share the same physical attributes, the Any drive type field on the left does not appear. If the drives are all in the same logical location, the Anywhere in the storage array field on the right does not appear.


The components are displayed in certain colors to depict their role states. To expand and collapse the descriptions of these states, click Legend.

Show status icon details

The status indicators can include text descriptions for availability states. Click Show status icon details to show or hide this status text.

Shelf/shelf icons

Each shelf view provides a list of related commands, along with properties and status. Click Shelf to see a drop-down list of commands. You can also select one of the icons along the top to see status and properties for individual components: controllers, IOMs (ESMs), power supplies, fans, temperature, batteries, and SFPs.

Shelf order

The shelves can be rearranged on the Hardware page. Use the up and down arrows on the top right of each shelf view to change the top/bottom order of shelves.