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Element Software
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Access the management node

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Beginning with NetApp Element software version 11.3, the management node contains two UIs: a UI for managing REST-based services and a per-node UI for managing network and cluster settings and operating system tests and utilities.

For clusters running Element software version 11.3 or later, you can make use one of two interfaces:

  • By using the management node UI (https:// [mNode IP}:442), you can make changes to network and cluster settings, run system tests, or use system utilities.

  • By using the built-in REST API UI (https://[mNode IP}/mnode), you can run or understand APIs relating to the management node services, including proxy server configuration, service level updates, or asset management.

Access the management node per-node UI

From the per-node UI, you can access network and cluster settings and utilize system tests and utilities.

  1. Access the per-node UI for the management node by entering the management node IP address followed by :442

    https://[IP address]:442
    management node per-node UI
  2. Enter the management node user name and password when prompted.

Access the management node REST API UI

From the REST API UI, you can access a menu of service-related APIs that control management services on the management node.

  1. To access the REST API UI for management services, enter the management node IP address
    followed by /mnode:

    https://[IP address]/mnode
    management node REST API UI
  2. Select Authorize or any lock icon and enter cluster admin credentials for permissions to use APIs.

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