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Cluster settings details from the per-node UI

Contributors netapp-pcarriga netapp-dbagwell

You can verify cluster settings for a storage node after cluster configuration and modify the node hostname.

The following list describes the cluster settings for a storage node indicated from the Cluster Settings page of the per-node UI (https://<node IP>:442/hcc/node/cluster-settings).

  • Role

    Role the node has in the cluster. Possible values:

    • Storage: Storage or Fibre Channel node.

    • Management: Node is a management node.

  • Hostname

    Name of the node.

  • Cluster

    Name of the cluster.

  • Cluster Membership

    State of the node. Possible values:

    • Available: The node has no associated cluster name and is not yet part of a cluster.

    • Pending: The node is configured and can be added to a designated cluster. Authentication is not required to access the node.

    • PendingActive: The system is in the process of installing compatible software on the node. When complete, the node will move to the Active state.

    • Active: The node is participating in a cluster. Authentication is required to modify the node.

  • Version

    Version of the Element software running on the node.

  • Ensemble

    Nodes that are part of the database ensemble.

  • Node ID

    ID assigned when a node is added to the cluster.

  • Cluster Interface

    Network interface used for cluster communication.

  • Management Interface

    Management network interface. This defaults to Bond1G but can also use Bond10G.

  • Storage Interface

    Storage network interface using Bond10G.

  • Encryption Capable

    Indicates whether or not the node supports drive encryption.