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Access NetApp Hybrid Cloud Control

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NetApp Hybrid Cloud Control enables you to manage NetApp HCI. You can upgrade management services and other components of NetApp HCI and expand and monitor your installation. You log in to NetApp Hybrid Cloud Control by browsing to the IP address of the management node.

What you'll need
  • Cluster administrator permissions: You have permissions as administrator on the storage cluster.

  • Management services: You have upgraded your management services to at least version 2.1.326. NetApp Hybrid Cloud Control is not available in earlier service bundle versions. For information about the current service bundle version, see the Management Services Release Notes.

  1. Open the IP address of the management node in a web browser. For example:

  2. Log in to NetApp Hybrid Cloud Control by providing the NetApp HCI storage cluster administrator credentials.

    The NetApp Hybrid Cloud Control interface appears.

Note If you logged in using insufficient permissions, you will see an "Unable to load" message throughout HCC resource pages and resources will not be available.