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View Keystone dashboard on Active IQ Digital Advisor

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If you have subscribed to NetApp Keystone STaaS services, you get an overview of your subscriptions on the Keystone Subscriptions widget of the Active IQ Digital Advisor (also known as Digital Advisor) dashboard.

You can search for Keystone subscription by entering the first three characters of a customer or watchlist name, or the Keystone subscription number. For information about how to search Keystone STaaS subscriptions by watchlists, see Search by using Keystone watchlists.

Digital Advisor offers a unified dashboard that gives insights into various levels of your subscription data and usage information through the Switch to old/new dashboard button.

Default (old) dashboard

You can see your customer name and subscription number, account name, start and end dates of the subscription, and the capacity usage graphs as per your subscribed service levels. You can see the collection timestamp of the consumption data in UTC time.

old dashboard

Alternative (new) dashboard

You can see the breakup of the capacity usage as per your subscriptions, and warnings and alerts that require immediate attention or action. The information appears selectively, depending on your subscriptions and the status of your usage. You can view this information:

  • Capacity usage: Consumption data such as:

    • No usage.

    • Consumption exceeding 80% of the committed capacity.

    • Burst usage.

    • Consumptions above the burst capacity.

  • Alerts: You see alerts for various scenarios if they are applicable to you.

    • Expiring soon: In case your subscriptions expire within 90 days.

    • QoS Warnings: You have volumes without AQoS policies assigned.

      Tip Click the Subscriptions link to view the list of filtered subscriptions in the Subscriptions tab.

new dashboard

For more information about Digital Advisor dashboard widget for Keystone, see Digital Advisor documentation.

For more information about Keystone dashboard and reporting, see Keystone Subscription dashboard and reporting.

Search by Keystone watchlists

Watchlist is a feature of Active IQ Digital Advisor (Digital Advisor). For information, see Understand watchlist. For information about creating watchlists, see Create a watchlist.

For Keystone STaaS, you can create watchlists for customers or subscription numbers. You can search by the watchlist name on the Digital Advisor screen. On searching by a watchlist, you can view the customers and their subscriptions in the Subscription drop-down list on the Keystone Subscriptions widget.

Note A search by watchlists retrieves the list of subscriptions on the old dashboard. If a watchlist consists of subscription numbers, only the Keystone Subscriptions widget is displayed on the Digital Advisor dashboard.

watchlist screen