Add a watchlist to the Dashboard

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You can create a watchlist to access preselected systems inside Active IQ Digital Advisor quickly and easily. You should create a new dashboard to add a watchlist.

  1. Click + Add New Dashboard.

    You can import an existing watchlist or create a watchlist.

  2. Provide a name for the watchlist.

  3. Select a Category or Serial Number, and follow the steps in the Dashboard to add systems to the watchlist.

    You can add a maximum of 15,000 systems under a category and 500 systems under serial number.

  4. Click Next.

  5. Provide a name for the dashboard.

  6. Select the widgets to be added to the dashboard.

  7. Optionally, you can make this dashboard as your default dashboard.

  8. Click Create to add the watchlist to the dashboard.