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Digital Advisor

Protect systems against ransomware risks

Contributors netapp-shwetav netapp-manishc

When you log in to the Digital Advisor, you can view the Actions highlighted on the Security & Ransomware Defense widget, which shows the risk counts.

You can view the Snapshot creation, retention, and ONTAP FPolicy risks, and then take actions to fix them.

  1. Log in to Digital Advisor.

  2. Click Actions on the Security & Ransomware Defense widget.

  3. Clear the Security Vulnerabilities checkbox.

  4. For the risks that are displayed, check the impact level and follow the recommended actions.

  5. Click the Unique Risks tab and link in the Corrective Action column.

  6. Click the Affected Systems tab to view systems with risks.

  7. Follow remediation actions that are recommended to protect the systems.