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AutoSupport is a telemetry mechanism that proactively monitors the health of your system and automatically sends configuration, status, performance, and system events data to NetApp.

This data is used by NetApp Technical Support to speed the diagnosis and resolution of issues, and by Digital Advisor to proactively detect and avoid potential issues. It can also be sent to your internal support organization and a support partner.

Note Digital Advisor displays AutoSupport related data only for systems whose AutoSupport data is the less than 60 days old.

For ONTAP systems, AutoSupport is enabled by default when you configure your storage system for the first time. You should set up AutoSupport on ONTAP systems to control how the AutoSupport information is sent to technical support and your internal support organization.

If you do not want to enable AutoSupport, you can use the AutoSupport Upload feature to manually upload AutoSupport data to receive recommendations and insights into your storage ecosystem.

Note AutoSupport data does not contain any user data.

For more information about AutoSupport, refer to the appropriate documentation: