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Download the AFF and FAS firmware Ansible Automation package

Contributors netapp-reenu

You should update the AFF and FAS firmware using Ansible to mitigate the identified risks and keep your storage system up to date.

Before you begin

Before updating AFF and FAS firmware using Ansible, you should:

  1. Click any wellness widget on the dashboard or click View All Actions to view a list of all the actions and risks.

  2. Click Firmware Upgrade to view all firmware upgrade risks.

  3. Click Update AFF and FAS Firmware to view all available update packages or click Update Ansible next to each risk to update the package specific to that risk.

  4. Click Download to download the zip files and update your storage system.

    The zip file contains the following:

    • Ansible Playbook - A YAML file containing the Ansible script to perform the disk, shelf, and service processor firmware updates.

    • Inventory - A YAML file containing the details of the systems that are applicable for firmware updates.

    • Disk, Shelf, and Service Processor/BMC Firmware packages are named as,, and <SP/BMC>_<version_number> respectively.

Note Manual addition of clusters and controllers to the inventory file is not supported.