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Digital Advisor

Detect Security Vulnerability

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The NetApp security site is the source of truth for NetApp Product Security: NetApp Product Security

Digital Advisor utilizes telemetry data and published product security advisories to detect security issues for covered* and support-entitled products. Product telemetry data must be transmitted to NetApp via AutoSupport to allow Digital Advisor to detect risks.

For additional NetApp product security information, including products not covered by Digital Advisor, visit NetApp Product Security

*Covered products: ONTAP 9 (on-prem and cloud), SANtricity OS Controller Software, NetApp SolidFire (Element Software), StorageGRID, Active IQ Unified Manager, ONTAP Tools for VMware (OTV)

  1. Log in to Digital Advisor.

  2. Click Actions in the Security & Ransomware Defense widget.
    Security Vulnerabilities widget

  3. Clear the Ransomware Defense checkbox.

  4. For the high-impact security risks, follow the recommended action that is to upgrade the operating system.

  5. Click the Unique Risks tab, and then click the link in the Corrective Action column.
    Corrective Action column

    The risk is fixed in ONTAP 9.7P8 and later.
    Remediation tab

  6. The most important step is to plan OS upgrade in the Upgrade Advisor in Digital Advisor.