What’s new in Active IQ Digital Advisor

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Active IQ typically introduces a new release every month to bring you new features, enhancements, and bug fixes.

02 April 2020

This update includes the following new features and enhancements:

Onboarding overview video

The onboarding video helps users to quickly get familiar with the options and features of Active IQ Digital Advisor.

Wellness score

Wellness score provides customers with a consolidated score of their installed base based on the number of high risks and the expired contracts. Score can be good, average, or poor.

Risk summary

The risk summary provides detailed information about the risk, the impact of the risk, the corrective actions.

Support for acknowledging and disregarding risks

Provides the option to acknowledge a risk if you do want to mitigate or are unable to mitigate the risk.

19 March 2020

This update includes the following new features and enhancements:

Upgrade workflow

You can use the upgrade workflow to view upgrade recommendations and a summary of new features available in your target ONTAP release.

Valuable insights

You can view the summary of the benefits that you received through Active IQ and your support contract. For selected systems, the value report consolidates the benefits from last one year.

Drill into details

Provides deeper information, which is a powerful way to dig deeper into the data and gain immediate insights into the make-up of aggregated information as required.

Capacity additions

You can proactively identify systems that have exceeded capacity or are nearing 90% capacity and send a request to increase capacity.

29 February 2020

This update includes the following new features and enhancements:

Enhanced user interfaces

The latest Active IQ Digital Advisor Dashboards offer a personalized experience. It allows smooth and seamless navigation, with its intuitiveness, throughout different dashboards, widgets, and screens. It provides an all-in-one experience. It communicates comparisons, relationships, and trends. It provides insights that help you detect and validate important relationships and meaningful differences based on the data that is presented by different dashboards.

Customizable dashboards

Helps you monitor your systems at a glance by providing key insights and analysis about your data on one or more pages or screens. You can also create up to 10 dashboards and make effective business decisions.

Mitigate risks using Active IQ Unified Manager

You can view the risks and rectify them by using Active IQ Unified Manager.


Provides detailed information about the status of your storage system that is classified into the following 6 widgets:

  • Performance & Efficiency

  • Availability & Protection

  • Capacity

  • Configuration

  • Security

  • Renewals

Allows you to search parameters, such as serial number, system ID, host name, site name, group name, and cluster name using the single-system view. You can also search for group of systems, in addition, you can search by a customer name, site name, or group name by group of systems.