Types of reports

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Digital Advisor provides a variety of reporting options that enable you to monitor and manage your system health and operation success.

The following are the types of reports that are available in Digital Advisor:

Report Name Description


Provides information about the outstanding and acknowledged risks, risk details, corrective actions, and affected systems.

Wellness – Aggregated

Provides a summary of the outstanding risks and the count of systems affected.

7-Mode Upgrade Advisor Plans

Provides a report about the upgrade advisor plan for 7-mode systems. This report includes information about the HA partner.

Ansible Inventory

Provides an Ansible inventory file which lists all system inventory details by region or site. This file can be used for automation.


Provides information about inactive, cold, active, hot, tiered, and unmonitored data. This report also includes Ansible playbook for enabling Inactive Data Reporting on disabled aggregates.


Provides information about the install base for a selected watchlist, customer, site, group levels. This report can be generated either as a direct download from Inventory details page or can be generated from Reports page.

End of Support Life

Provides information about the list of controllers, shelves, and disks, that have reached end-of-support (EOS).

Recommended Configuration

Provides information about the various recommended configuration gaps for Remote Management Configuration, spares and drives, HA Pair, and SVM Health.

Technical Case Details

Provides a yearly report about all the technical cases and their status.

Upgrade Recommendations (SW & FW)

Multi-tabbed report about the software and firmware currency and recommended versions for each controller or serial in the search criteria.

ClusterViewer Report

Provides information about a single or multiple clusters at a customer and watchlist level. You can generate this report only for watchlist with up to 100 nodes.

Capacity & Efficiency

Provides information about the Capacity and Efficiency details at cluster, customer, site, group, watchlist and node level.

Volume Performance Report

Provides information about the performance details of the volumes at the cluster level.

Performance Report

Provides information, at a watchlist level, about the performance of a cluster, node, local tier (aggregate), and volume. You can generate this report only for watchlist with up to 100 nodes.